image copy 3“Her singing voice is a taste of pure raw heaven and the words of life lived poetry that flow through her are a divine addition to the tapestry of life.”

Emma’s Music writings have been evolving in Harmony with her experiences, Pouring her Heart and Soul into her music, she creates songs which have the capacity to bring tears of Joy alongside lyrics imbued with fearless sensuality. She has surrendered to her words  in a convincing and unedited way and brings those words to life with simply tunes to inspire and touch the heart . Emma is a talented singer/songwriter with a writing background of more than 20 years.   She has produced, recorded, and performed her own as well as  other writers material, ranging from Acoustic Pop/Folk to Ambient Dance and even Gospel.  Through the years Emma’s songs have created a journey through which she has traversed the emotional landscape of awakening to her spirit, her dance and her callings in life.  You may hear some of this as you journey through this website.  Inspired by a deep love of the divine within all beings Emma’s  deep love of devotional music and will often find her around camp fires at festivals nurturing her soul and others x